Gitta de Ridder

Sound of Songs, started in 2013 as an intimate music-night in Dalston's 'Servant Jazz Quarters' in London. It was a night intended to create a calm space for artists and audience to connect more directly. "In the hustle and bustle of the big city I wanted to create a musical 'pause'. Eventually I brought the nights to Amsterdam as well and in 2018 it accidentaly became a full festival" says curator and host 'Gitta de Ridder'. "In 2018 I moved back to the Netherlands and stayed in my house-on-wheels on a lovely campsite on 'de Kemphaan'. On the field was a beautiful large Tipi, which seemed perfect for a music night...." That night became a full day of music with 14+ artists, food & drink and stories by the campfire.


And that's how 'Sound of Songs Festival' was born.