2020 LINE-UP


FERDI LANCEE and NOL HAVENS take stock of 30 years of touring and return to the stage together with “Suzanne Voorbij”. The audience is entertained with recognizable repertoire from VOF de KUNST and GARE du NORD.

Esther de Jong.jpg

ESTHER makes Dutch diary music. She drags you into an underground world, where it is already largely oppressive,
gloomy and gray, but where there is always space to dig even deeper.


GITTA grew up in the Dutch Newlands of Flevoland.

She writes and sings British Indiefolk. During an 8 month trip across Europe she recorded her upcoming (third) album “To Our Children” in 8 different countries.


We are sorry to say that  'The Magic Lantern' JAMIE DOE won't be able to play as the United Kingdom have brought back 14-day compulsory self-isolation when travelling from the Netherlands.

The Lasses.jpg

With their charming stage presentation and funny
stories SOPHIE JANNA and MARGOT MERAH know how to win over every audience. They are now touring the world with great Folk ballads and intimate songs of their own.


Relaxing on a mat while listening to the music that DINA produces in a rustic location. Her music feels like a desert landscape. So vast and wide, but a little later very intimate and vulnerable again.

Timo de Jong 01.jpg

TIMO makes country, folk and rock 'n roll music inspired by the sixties, but with a contemporary twist. His deep, warm singing voice is reminiscent of the famous crooners of the early last century.


SANDRA DIDDEN of Spruit Puppet Show travels through the country with her theater to give doll performances. The children experience a story together. The performances of Spruit Puppet Show are interactive.